About Advanced Commercial Capital's Services


Advanced Commercial Capital specializes in invoice factoring and has over 90 years of experience in the factoring and finance industries. Our team of experts understands how critical it is for your business to have cash flow. Even profitable businesses can struggle with cash flow if they are growing quickly or have slower receivable turns. Invoice factoring just might be the solution that you are looking for to help improve your cash flow, expand your business, and become more profitable.

Invoice factoring is a unique type of financing where a business sells its receivables at a discount to a special type of financier called a factor. When you sell an invoice or account receivable to ACC, you receive cash for your invoice immediately and ACC is legally entitled to receive payment for the invoice. Factoring your invoices with Advanced Commercial Capital can give your business the cash it needs to expand and cover day-to-day operating expenses.

Invoice factoring is different from traditional bank financing in many ways. First, your ability to qualify for factoring services is primarily based upon the credit worthiness of your customers, not you. While we generally choose to factor for businesses that are well managed and have a history of demonstrating integrity and honesty, our decision making process centers around your customers and their ability to pay their bills. Second, with invoice factoring you are not diluting your equity ownership in your business.

Advanced Commercial Capital specializes in factoring for trucking companies and manufacturing companies. If you are a trucking company or manufacturer and need to improve your cash flow, give us a call and see what we can do to help you solve your cash problems.